COMPLEMENTARY  THERAPIES                    

complemmentary-theropyBased on ancient techniques, complementary therapies encourage the body’s own healing processes and benefit mind, body and spirit.  Massage has been used by many cultures for thousands of years with hieroglyphs in the Egyptian tombs showing foot massage, Indian Head Massage being passed down through the generations and Chinese medicine also dating back millennia.  The Australian aboriginal people are one of the longest continuing cultures in the world and their traditional healing, like other ancient remedies, also uses massage, pressure points and crystal therapy and promotes the power of the breath.  All these ancient cultures formed their own, highly effective versions of healing independently and then, as people started to travel and the world became smaller, we have shared and adapted our own methods using additional techniques learned from others.  Reiki also dates back thousands of years in Tibet although it was only brought to the attention of the West by Japanese Dr Usui in the 1900s.  Reiki and Access Bars work within the body’s energy field to promote balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit.


complemmentary-theropy-2In the west, modern medicine has largely pushed aside the ancient healing methods but increasing numbers of people are returning to complementary therapies as an alternative to, or running alongside, modern chemical treatments.  However, if you have any major health concerns you should consult your GP.  If you are undergoing medical tests, are pregnant or under the care of a consultant, you should seek their advice before commencing any complementary therapy.