I get quite stressed at work and really struggle with acne.  I have been referred to dermatologists, having been prescribed different antibiotics and nothing seemed to clear up my acne and what I did use often made my skin very dry.  The last resort was a tablet that had some very severe side effects and I decided that I would prefer not to take it, so my skin has been a constant struggle.  I have had some Reiki before, which I found quite relaxing but the reflexology was amazing.  My skin did improve quite significantly during the course of treatment, but it wasn’t really until it stopped that I realised how well my acne had cleared up and how relaxed and calm I was at work.  I have since had another reflexology treatment and would like to continue having a regular treatment, as I think it will help maintain my well being and keep a healthy and clear complexion.

SB – Reflexology

I was most impressed with Ruth’s Reflexology having had considerable experience of this with over 10 practitioners using different styles.  The training she has received, her thoroughness and results were all most impressive and I venture to say I have not had anybody better – ever.  Thank you Ruth.

Mr P – Reflexology

I can highly recommend the Tsuboki Massage and will be trying the Bars next time.

Mrs B – Tsuboki

I felt as if the treatments were peeling away ‘layers’ of emotional and physical stress.  I was emotional after some sessions and then very relaxed and chilled after the others.  I felt relief after every session and emotionally felt able to see more clearly and move forward with things I had been ‘putting off’

The physical benefits increased each time.  I had some side effects of an occasional headache so on Ruth’s advice I closely monitored my fluids and increased water consumption.  Then I realised that the stiff neck I had suffered from upon waking each morning was improving.  By the end of the sessions I felt emotionally and physically renewed.  I would definitely recommend Ruth and feel that she has a calm and healing persona that is a vital characteristic of an intuitive therapist.

KT – Reflexology

The sports massage Ruth gave me was one of the best I’ve had.  I felt totally free afterwards and unknotted! Looking forward to another one soon.

PW – Sports Massage

“Fantastic treatment from Ruth ? attention to detail fab!  Woke myself up snoring (zzz) sooooooo relaxing …. Will deffo book in again…. Thank you x”

Sally – Tsuboki