“All negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy field.”

Meridian Psychotherapy uses a combination of talking therapy and Meridian energy techniques, including EFT and hypnotherapy and others,
to detach the negative reaction from a memory or thought. This enables clients to encounter trigger situations (eg a flight) without fear of experiencing the undesired response (eg anxiety or fear).

Good for alleviating Anxiety, Anger, Phobia, Panic, Pain and Addiction.

Calling on universal healing energy to balance the mind, body and spirit and promote wellbeing.
Healing can be hands on or hands off.

In reflexology we can treat the entire body through the feet while you relax on a bed or sit in a chair with only your feet exposed. Reflexology feels wonderfully relaxing but if you dislike people touching your feet, we can also treat the hands.

“Clients are often amazed by how much I can pick up from their feet.”

Not just for sporty folk; combining relaxing massage, deep tissue massage and passive stretches, sports massage involves work on specific problem areas and is effective in the relief of joint and muscle pain, improving circulation, mobility and performance.
32 points on the head represent different areas of your life; gently touching these areas in sequence releases stored energy
decreasing the ‘chatter’ in your head and releasing your potential.
This is a deeply relaxing treatment, massaging the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and back, with or without oil as you prefer.
Improving circulation to the head, this treatment aids hair and scalp condition, sleep patterns and memory – a good one
to have before an interview or exam
Japanese Face Massage

Combining the ancient arts of Japanese face massage and Chinese acupressure, Tsuboki is a deeply relaxing treatment which leaves you feeling revitalised and as though you’ve had a full body treatment. The treatment includes gentle massage, acupressure to 8 of the 14 meridians and leaves skin feeling smooth and toned. Tsuboki Hand Massage also available.

“Using the power of plant oils to enhance mood and promote relaxation and healing, this is a wonderfully pampering massage using scented oils tailored to your specific needs”.